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for both governor romney and congressman ryan on tuesday. governor romney believes this is a time for the nation's leaders to focus on those americans who are in harm's way. we will provide additional details with regarding governor romney's schedule when they are available. he also added my campaign will be run by the big oil companies. if i'm president you can expect a lot more of these kinds of storms over the next four years because i don't give a dam about climate change and the storms they produce. oh that was not part of the official statement. okay. and then of course leave it to fox news to say if romney's canceling events. that's fine. what a gentleman he is. what a terrific human being. if president obama is canceling events disarray. >> the president left for orlando. nothing has changed that much. does it show disarray or discontent within the obama election campaign where he comes down doesn't do anything, and then flies back. >> the president can be unpredictable. a lot of reason why they brought the president back was they didn't know how bad the weather would be i
nutter. thanks for coming inside "the war room." up next, president obama and mitt romney are both try hing to avoid politics this week. that doesn't mean politics won't find them. that story is next right here in "the war room." current tv encourages you to vote on november 6th but just as importantly to take the time to learn about each candidate's stance on the issues that matter to you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an informed electorate. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything. yeah you -- you know, everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get inve
're powered about the popular vote, you need a mix of both sides. before we had obama had something to back it up. mitt romney he only has flower talk and no details. this time obama has all details but no way of saying it. i'm live to go a fantasy land, you need a little bit of both. there is not a little bit of both to either one of these guys. >> that's funny. there is an inherent problem in saying we need change in the next four years when you've been in the guy in the last four years. >> cenk: it's structural. look at the polling numbers right? let's go to ohio first a-31. romney is losing by four points in ohio. and that's just one poll, the cnn poll but a combination of polls still has president obama comfortably up. >> four polls in ohio two twos, a four and a five. >> cenk: then in nevada president obama has a three-point lead in nevada. if he leads in nevada and ohio, it's a no-brainer, he's a winner. the electoral college is on his side. on the other side, meat loaf is on romney's side. he's about to do one of the worst renditions i've ever seen of any song. let's watch. ♪ ever
and the president is being a president. >> cenk: i think there's some chance that it's a little of both. he has had some mix ups with the romney campaign, they didn't love his speech at the convention, it was into credibilitiered on chris christie. i'm just saying. >> i don't think you orchestrate these things, but there are people who will definitely agree with you. >> cenk: what was romney up to today. >> romney had a relief event in ohio. it wasn't a campaign event though, if you went to it, you did see the romney bio video playing at the event in ohio. there were also people there and you can here mitt romney talking at this event, i believe. >> other people were hurting this morning, they were hurting last night and the storm goes on. i've had the chance to speak with some of the governors in the affect areas and they've talked about a lot of people having hard times. people right here got up this morning, some went to the grocery store i see and purchased things these families will need. i appreciate your generosity. >> my favorite part of this is it was a relief event. the president gets to
've got ads from both sides running, and ad that has become infamous romney totally perverting the reality on what happened with the auto bailouts. let's show you that and get your reaction. >> who will do more for the auto industry? not barack obama. fact checkers confirm his attacks on mitt romney are false. the truth, mitt romney has a plan to help the auto industry. he's supported by lee lee iacoca. >> >> cenk: pants on fire in many ways we've explained. does it matter what the truths is if you can buy an alternate reality? >> you can't buy and alternate reality. the auto workers in ohio understand that the evident on the government on their behalf was real and had real impact. i don't think that when it comes to ohio that mitt romney's going to be able to arrive at the white house in an american made car. [ laughter ] >> cenk: well, i understand that his wife has several cadillacs so it's possible. so, let's talk about why you think ohio, if you think that, as you just indicated, why it's solidly in president obama's camp. >> well, at this point president obama, if you look at all the
romney to knock it off. >> cenk: all right, that's pretty good. you know when he gets excited his voice goes up a little--not true. but it isn't true. both candidates have been crisscrossing the country especially president obama. i get the sense that he might go to ohio a couple of times. tell me about it. >> but a look at the rest of his campaign schedule makes the buckeye state look like an airline hub for air force hub through election day. for his part mitt romney is not only focusing on ohio but also hoping to win over wisconsin. he's looking to broaden the battleground map campaigning sunday and visiting new hampshire twice, the smallest swing state that may be edging in mr. romney's direction. >> cenk: all right, now where is it edging? lucky for you we have the numbers. latest polls 50%-47% in favor of president obama in ohio! now what did i tell you was key to the election night? you're going to look out for owin. that's "o" as in ohio "w" which is, "i," in "with a and nevada. they are there with the two two first baptist church to four-point--there with two two- two- to four-
reached out to governors of both sides. romney as far as we know only spoke to the republican governors, but he did cancel -- at least canceled some of his campaign appearances. how long does this last? >> well it might be a little bit of a cat and mouse game. you can imagine, particularly if you are romney governor there is a tremendous desire to have him out on the stump particularly in battleground states and at a time when so much free media coverage is being diverted away from the race, quite naturally to sandy, i think it presents a lot of real practical problems for romney who then has to focus or have his troops focus on a ground effort and also on paid media. it is hard to see any which this rebounds to romney's favor, especially if the president is staying in washington and oversee an effort which may at least in the early goings which has been judged of being fairly effective even by some republicans, if it ends up being more effective than the fema effort in new orleans, then i think romney has some problems. >> jennifer: i think it may be a way that i
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7